Farmland Application

Nutrient-rich, biosolids-based soil amendments are extremely valuable. When applied to land, they replenish soil nutrients and organic material, increase soil porosity and help combat erosion. Biosolids provide much more than the NPK found in commercial fertilizers.

What We Do

Our organics experts create and manage your custom organics program – without interrupting your agricultural operation or damaging your land. Our nutrient- and organic-rich soil amendments are particularly effective in improving yields and, by extension, your bottom line.

How We Do It

Before application, our certified personnel test your soil and prepare a customized program based on the results, so you get exactly what your soil needs. Every program we create meets all regulations, taking the guesswork out of compliance. When we apply organics to your land, we make all the arrangements, and provide you with a comprehensive post-application report.


  • Biosolids and soil sampling and testing
  • Soil pH adjustment
  • Soil conditioning
  • Land application and acquisition
  • Nutrient management plan (NMP) development and application
  • NASM (non-agricultural source materials) plan development and consulting
  • Communications, stakeholder management and outreach
  • Land reclamation for heavily damaged soils

Industries We Serve

  • Agriculture