Biosolids Collection & Management

Instead of incinerating and landfilling biosolids—which is costly and wasteful—we collect municipal biosolids and manage the process of applying them to rural farmland, mines and industrial sites for beneficial use. It is the most sustainable and cost-effective solution.

What We Do

As a leader in biosolids management, we have the expertise and resources to collect and manage municipal biosolids reliably, cost effectively and without interrupting your operation.

Once collected, our experts apply the material to agricultural land. We also use these nutrient-rich materials to help reclaim mines and other industrial sites to revitalize soil. In both cases, we keep valuable resources from landfills.

You can rest assured our biosolids application methods are responsible, compliant and pose no risk of liability to your municipality.

How We Do It

Our drivers and operations professionals who arrive on site are highly trained to do their job safely, competently and in a way that allows you to continue business as usual. You don’t need to free up your staff to help or supervise. 

When it comes to land application, our approach is scientific, responsible and compliant with all relevant regulations. We have access to the largest land bank available in Ontario, with over 30,000 hectares of farmland, mine-impacted land and industrial sites identified for land application.


  • Turnkey biosolids management
    • Interruption-free pickup
    • Transportation
    • Storage of liquid and solid biosolids
    • Land application
    • Comprehensive annual reporting
  • Dewatering
  • Lagoon and pumping station cleaning
  • Emergency response services

Industries We Serve

  • Municipalities
  • Industrial
  • Food and Feed Production
  • Mining (land reclamation)