Terrapure is a leading provider of recycling solutions that contribute to the circular economy of batteries and create value for customers throughout North America. With an unwavering focus on environmental, health and safety excellence, we recycle lead batteries and provide recovered lead and plastics to the battery manufacturing industry for reuse in the creation of new products, while significantly reducing waste requiring disposal.

What We Do

We continually strive to find new ways to recover and upgrade the constituent components of end-of-life batteries to create value for our customers and society.

We partner with all major North American battery manufacturers to provide a sustainable closed-loop, circular-economy solution to capture spent batteries and recover their valuable components locally for reuse. In doing so, we help achieve a 99 percent recycling rate – the highest of any consumer product in North America. This includes collecting and processing lead batteries and producing high-quality recycled lead and polypropylene pellets for battery manufacturers.

Services We Provide

Battery Recycling

  • Collect spent lead batteries and other lead-bearing materials safely and in compliance with all regulatory requirements
  • Recover and process lead from used batteries into new lead that exceeds 99.97% purity, made to meet customers’ exact specifications
  • Sort and handle other battery chemistries for third-party recycling
  • Process other industrial wastes that are useful to the lead smelting process as substitutes for natural gas, oil, metallurgical coke or soda ash
  • Process and recycle other materials received or generated in the process, such as pallets and other packing materials

Plastics Recycling

  • Recover and process plastics from used battery casings
  • Using state-of-the-art upgrading technology, produce high-quality recycled polypropylene pellets for reuse in manufacturing of new batteries and other products

Industries We Serve

  • Battery Manufacturing
  • Energy Storage
  • Telecommunications/Data Centres
  • Automotive
  • Motive power (forklift/locomotive)
  • Marine
  • Golf cart
  • Sweeper scrubber
  • E-bikes
  • Scrap metal recycling

Our Products

Terrapure produces Tonolli and Nova Pb branded lead. We also manufacture lead alloys—all of which meet the specifications required by the battery manufacturing and other lead-consuming industries. The finished products are sold worldwide.

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