Organics Solutions

We take a leading role in improving Canadian soil health through innovative biosolids and organics management. We divert valuable organics from landfills—saving disposal costs and greenhouse gas emissions—and put them to beneficial use on land that needs nutrient-rich soil amendments.

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Organics Solutions

Biosolids Collection & Management

We collect municipal biosolids reliably, cost effectively and efficiently. Our certified technicians arrive on site, ready to do their jobs safely, competently and in a way that allows you to continue business as usual.

Farmland Application

Land application is the most beneficial and cost-effective option for biosolids management, and our vast land bank, storage capability and other options ensure we are able to offer our customers a sustainable soil-amendment solution.

Land Reclamation

Biosolids-based soil amendments offer a promising long-term strategy for sustainable mine and industrial site rehabilitation. These organics are more affordable, accessible and full of nutrients that are vital to plant growth and soil fertility, such as nitrogen and phosphorus.

We Work Where You Work

We have an integrated network of facilities across Canada and provide specialized field services on customer sites. Whether you come to us or we come to you, Terrapure is where you need us to be.