Terrapure always acts to ensure the health and well-being of our employees, our customers and vendors, the continuity of our business and our ability to provide service to customers. 

We are closely monitoring the development of the current COVID-19 outbreak and are taking proactive measures to manage the associated risks.

This includes communication with our employees on good hygiene practices, what to do if they are unwell, procedures for employees who may be exposed to the virus and restrictions on business travel. We have also Instituted work-from-home options for employees, where possible, and implemented a screening process for visitors to Terrapure sites.

In addition, we have developed comprehensive company-wide business continuity plans to be able to continue to provide our essential services to our valued customers. Our Pandemic Response Team is meeting daily to review new information and determine our communication and response to the evolving developments.

Obviously, the situation is evolving rapidly and we are relying on guidance from credible sources, such as the Public Health Authority of Canada and the World Health Organization, to inform our response. 

Todd Moser, President & CEO

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