Lead-Acid Battery Recycling FAQ

What happens to all the battery parts once we break them down? How many times can a lead-acid battery be recycled? Do we buy used lead-acid batteries?

Find the answers to your most commonly asked questions and learn about the advanced lead recycling processes that make Terrapure an environmental leader in North America. 

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Do you recycle all types of batteries?

Our recycling facilities are primarily focused on recycling lead-acid batteries. Lead-acid batteries come in all shapes and sizes from many sources, including: vehicles (gas and hybrid cars), golf carts, backup power units from large facilities, forklifts and other heavy machinery. 

We do also manage batteries and power cells of all chemistries, formats and sizes, including those from electric vehicles (EVs), industrial applications and consumer electronics, and other products.

Feel free to contact us about other recyclable materials we accept.

How do you recycle lead-acid batteries, and what happens to all the separated parts afterwards?

Lead from a battery can be recycled infinitely. See how our lead-acid battery recycling process creates a sustainable, closed-loop solution that helps conserve natural resources and protect the environment. 

Once the batteries have been separated, the lead is purified, re-constituted in specific customer-driven formulas and resold – predominantly back to battery manufacturers. Having said that, lead is widely used in a number of applications, so our lead has also been reused for medical radiation shielding, wheel weights, roofing and ammunition. 

The plastics are separated, cleaned and recycled for reuse in the making of new battery casings.

The acid is collected and managed in an environmentally sound manner.

Do you buy used lead-acid batteries and other types of scrap lead?

We’re happy to quote on used lead-acid batteries, but they must be properly packaged for transport. You can visit our Scrap Battery Transport page for packaging guidelines.

We also accept other types of scrap lead. Get in touch with us for more details on the materials we’ll accept. 

What types of materials do your facilities process or recycle?

Besides batteries, our facilities process and recycle:

  • Other lead-bearing materials
  • A wide variety of industrial wastes

If you’re not sure whether our facilities will accept your used batteries, lead-bearing materials or waste, feel free to contact us for more information.

Do you sell new batteries or take exchanges?

Sorry, we do not do exchanges or sell new or refurbished batteries.