Disruption-free Used Oil Collection

You need to remove used oil quickly, affordably and without disruption. With Terrapure, you can trust us to be on time and out of the way. So you can focus on your business, while we give your used oil new life.

What We Do

Through our national network, Terrapure collects, processes and recycles used motor and engine oils and related wastes from virtually any industry. While on site, we also collect other waste, such as oil filters, plastics, rags, glycols, solvents and batteries, for cost-effective, one-stop service.

If you run a sustainability-minded business, you’ll be interested to know that much of the oil we collect is re-refined and made into new products.

How We Do It

Based on your site requirements and service schedule, our technicians arrive on time and collect used oil and other waste efficiently and with minimal disruption. 


  • Used oil collection and processing
  • Oil filter collection and processing
  • Oil recycling
  • Solvent and glycol collection and processing
  • Automotive waste services
  • Supply of used oil tanks

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