Secure Disposal and Value Recovery

Whether it’s secure disposal or finding ways to avoid disposal altogether, we manage virtually all hazardous and non-hazardous industrial, commercial and institutional waste streams.

What We Do

We have permitted facilities and expertise to recycle or dispose of your waste properly, efficiently and cost effectively.

As with other points in your waste cycle, we look for ways to recover as much material as we can for recycling or reuse, saving you money in the process. When we can’t recycle, we ensure safe and compliant disposal to minimize environmental risk. 

For high-liability waste, we offer a 100% traceable product destruction program that inventories, barcodes and tracks your waste through the chain of custody to final disposal. Our technology enables real-time reporting on waste types and quantities, as well as where your materials are in the disposal process.

How We Do It

Our technicians analyze your waste streams to make sure they meet the strict inbound specifications for each waste class.

  • Non-hazardous solid waste is sent to our recycling facilities or highly secure landfills, depending on the material.
  • Liquids and water-based materials go to our water treatment facilities or are recovered and used as alternative fuels.
  • Oil and flammables are re-refined or recovered for fuel blending.
  • Hazardous waste is processed and sent for incineration or to a hazardous waste landfill.

As a strategic waste management partner, we’re always available to consult in reducing waste at the source.


  • Battery recycling
  • Aerosol and labpack services
  • Product destruction
  • Zero-landfill services
  • Secure landfill disposal
  • Third-party landfill and incineration
  • Hazardous and non-hazardous disposal

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