Small Pond Dredging

You work hard to keep your turf healthy and green and your grounds beautiful, but over time your ponds fill with debris making the water murky and the water levels hard to manage.

Small pond
Dredging equipment on a trailer
Close up water hazard of golf course

What we do

At Terrapure, we offer a small ponds dredging service designed to quickly remove years of accumulated sediment, returning your ponds to their natural capacity and beauty.

Our two-person dredging crews are dedicated to a site until the work is completed.  We work up to 12-hour days, seven days per week, when required, to minimize our time on site and the disruption to your operation.

How we do it

Our small footprint dredges can be easily trailered to sensitive, restricted areas where a modest boom truck can launch and remove them.

The dredge’s plow head is designed to capture sediment while minimizing turbulence above the sediment surface, protecting the shoreline and aquatic wildlife. Sediment is typically pumped to the shore where supernatant may be drawn off to return to the pond and the solids left to settle and evaporate, leaving compacted, dried sediment to be removed, if necessary, at a later date, eliminating the need for immediate transport and disposal of the pumped sediment.

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