Better Waste Management

We’re here to change the way the world thinks about waste by creating environmental solutions that are good for business, good for society and good for the environment. We orient our services around three interdependent practices, which are essential to providing advanced waste management and industrial field services today and helping companies recover value from more complex waste streams in future.

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Helping companies find ways to reduce the amount of waste that requires disposal and reducing operational downtime or inefficiency.



Providing services to restore customers’ operations and ensure they run at peak efficiency.

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Recovering valuable resources from waste that would otherwise be lost to disposal.

Working Together

To change waste, we must approach every project like we have a stake in it.

This partnership mentality informs every facet of our work. It’s what drives us to find efficiencies and recover value. It’s what makes us extremely vigilant about health and safety for workers and communities alike. It inspires us to do the right thing, the right way, without compromise. And it demands that we invest in the best people and the best technology, so we can solve complex environmental issues creatively, effectively and compliantly.

The result is safe, efficient and reliable waste management and industrial field services that respect people, the economy and the planet.

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We Work Where You Work

We have an integrated network of facilities across Canada and provide specialized field services on customer sites. Whether you come to us or we come to you, Terrapure is where you need us to be.