Safe Soil Remediation

Soil treatment is about finding the best solution for protecting human health and the natural environment. Whether contaminated soil can be remediated or requires secure disposal, Terrapure has the capability to manage both.

What We Do

We have the expertise and resources to excavate, transport and treat contaminated soil, safely and in compliance with all regulatory requirements.

For treatment of soil removed from contaminated sites, our permitted facilities provide bioremediation, which uses microorganisms to remove or neutralize organic pollutants. Once treated, the soil can be disposed of safely or reused as clean fill, industrial fill or landfill cover and capping, depending on the level of contamination.

How We Do It

We determine the best soil treatment solution based on: the nature, toxicity and origin of the contaminant; the present and potential hazard related to the degree of contamination; the chemical and physical characteristics of the soil; the land use; the time available for remediation; cost-benefit analysis; and stakeholder acceptance.


  • Bioremediation

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