Tailored Dredging & Dewatering Solutions

No matter the challenge or scope, we can dredge and dewater sludge in any environment. We develop job-specific solutions that use specialized equipment to meet your project requirements, safely and efficiently.

What We Do

We dredge ponds, lagoons, storage outlets and other bodies of water to remove bottom sediment and sludge. Once removed, we use centrifuge or geo-bag technology to separate water from the solid material.

In rare cases when dewatering isn’t an option, we dispose of the sludge in an environmentally responsible way. We recover and recycle as much usable material as possible to reduce the volume and costs of waste for disposal.

How We Do It

First, we sample and analyze the strength, nature, density and size of the particulate in the waste, so we can create an effective system that meets your specific requirements. Whatever the solution, our full fleet of large, small and multifunctional dredges means we can tackle any type of sludge, at any depth, in any climate.

At the dewatering stage, we use a range of pumps, centrifuges, filter/belt presses and geotextile bags. Often, we’ll add polymers to the sludge to destabilize it and increase particulate size, so we can filter solids out more easily. We dispose of the remaining dewatered solids safely, as required.


  • Pond management
  • Sludge removal
  • Geo-bag sludge processing
  • Centrifuge sludge processing
  • Debris management
  • Pump rentals
  • Filter presses
  • Pond dredging
  • Process-flow filtration units
  • Product polishing
  • Solids control management
  • Filtering
  • Water treatment for reuse
  • Recovery of valuable products
  • Waste minimization and processing
  • High-volume fluid management

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