A Million Little Decisions.
One Legacy.

Like other decisions about industrial waste, how you recycle used oil seems small, but it makes a big difference. To your carbon footprint, your local economy and your overall bottom line.

Decision #1: Contact Terrapure

The first, best decision for better industrial waste management.


We collect, process and recover valuable resources from:

  • Oil Barrel | Illustration Used engine lubricating oils
  • Oil Drop | Illustration Oil and air filters
  • Chemistry Beaker | Illustration Glycols and solvents
  • Towels | Illustration Oily rags/absorbents
  • Rags | Illustration Plastics (containers)
  • Paint spray gun | Illustration Paint gun fluids
  • Washer Fluid | Illustration Parts washer fluids
  • Batteries | Illustration Lead-acid batteries
  • Fuel Tank | Illustration SLOP FUELS
  • Water Waves | Illustration OIL/FUEL-CONTAMINATED WATER

Why Terrapure?

A million reasons. But let’s start with these.


On-island Provider

  • We have locations throughout Vancouver Island
  • We invest in Island communities by hiring Island people
  • We support local businesses in a variety of sectors by not only providing services, but also working with local vendors

Fast and Reliable

  • We manage used motor and lubricating oil quickly
  • We arrive on time and stay out of the way
  • We have a seamless onboarding process that establishes a pick-up schedule that works for you
  • We perform regular check-ins to make sure you’re satisfied with our service
  • We provide direct access to your dedicated Account Manager, as well as to 24/7 customer service/dispatch

Cost-efficient, One-stop Service

  • We arrive with the right equipment to handle your automotive waste
  • We supply recycled lubricants and automotive waste management products
  • We send regular reports to track pricing and volumes

The Sustainable Choice

  • We collect and re-refine used oil right here in B.C., which improves your carbon footprint 
  • We bring re-refined, premium-grade base oils right back to the Island for a circular economy
  • All waste is recycled at our local facilities, according to provincial and federal regulations

Transparent Pricing

  • No surprises or fine-print pricing
  • We use a stable costing model to ensure you pay a fair price

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